Why Robert Davis Recommends Neonatal Rescue

Anyone who has experienced having a baby enter the neonatal intensive care unit understands its significance in maintaining the health of infants. The crucial care that NICUs can provide to infants has continued to save countless lives over the years and will have a major impact in the future. The impact of NICUs and their offerings were just one of the reasons why Robert Davis, Co-Founder of RD Heritage Group, first got involved with neonatal care. 

As a physician, Robert worked with a variety of patients while working in the emergency room and in family practice. He has always been passionate about helping others not only improve their health but strived to provide the best treatment plans possible. His experience working in medicine was what led to his interest in neonatal care and what we can do as a community to help. With one out of every four babies born with birth asphyxia worldwide, he understood the increasing need to provide access to important medical equipment like ventilators to underserved communities. As one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, Robert was looking for ways to help newborns get access to the medical care they need.

His passion would soon take action after meeting Rob Brown, the CEO, and Co-Founder of an excellent organization called Neonatal Rescue. He was introduced to Rob from a venture capital fund that Robert had worked with previously and was immediately impressed by their work. Shortly after the initial meeting, Robert began supporting Neonatal Rescue. 

Through his company, RD Heritage Group, Robert was able to facilitate a GOED Award from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, as well as secure investments into the for-profit and nonprofit portions of Neonatal Rescue. Additionally, Robert and RD Heritage Group provided introductions to communities in need of resources around the world, including in Gambia, Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire (prior Ivory Coast), and Ghana. The introductions, combined with the efforts by Robert and Neonatal Rescue, helped provide 150 ventilators to communities in need, resulting in over 150,000 lives saved since.

Robert Davis continues to spread awareness about the incredible work of Neonatal Rescue and believes that their mission will continue to save countless lives. To learn more about Neonatal Rescue, visit their website!