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About Robert Davis of RD Heritage

Robert Davis, the co-founder of RD Heritage Group, is a skilled Las Vegas-based professional with nearly three decades of experience operating in the financial industry all across the globe.

Since 1993, Robert Davis’ career has been focused on serving as a Family Office Member and co-founder of RD Heritage Group, a partnership of family offices and their individual portfolio investments. The Group focuses on investments within the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, automotive, blockchain, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, and real estate industries. With an emphasis on pursuing unique, market-driven opportunities within their investments, Robert and the entire team at RD Heritage operate with integrity and transparency while creating – and partnering in long-term investment opportunities that offer sustainability. 

Across his career, Robert Davis has established professional expertise and skills in areas including negotiation, strategic planning, and business strategy. He works internationally using these skills to fuel the work he does in Indonesia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia for RD Heritage Group.

As a professional, Robert Davis believes that the single best thing you can do to further your education and expand your mind is to read. No matter whether it’s a book by one of his role models like John Maxwell, Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio or an industry periodical, Robert loves to learn as much as he can from others who have achieved success in his sector. Learn more unique insights about Robert Davis from his interview about RD Heritage Group on IdeaMensch

Robert Davis and all of the participating families in RD Heritage Group are avid supporters of both formal education and human capital. They are committed to sustaining a thriving economy and exploring investments that will continue to foster economic growth. Operating on his personal belief that the best investment anyone can make is in themselves and their community, Robert Davis created the Robert Davis Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students from select high schools throughout the United States to aid them with the financial debt that often accompanies higher education. Eligible students must have distinguished themselves not only through academic achievement but also through involvement in community, church work, holding part-time jobs, as well as school activities. As time goes on, Robert hopes to continue to raise the amount awarded with each of the scholarships to further help students in their career pursuits, which you can hear more about on this podcast

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