Neonatal care continues to become more important in today’s healthcare around the world. From building neonatal units for hospitals in need to providing crucial medical equipment, there are a number of ways that neonatal care has become more accessible. To help improve access to neonatal care, incredible organizations like Neonatal Rescue have been created. It was learning about Neonatal Care that originally encouraged RD Heritage Group Co-Founder Robert Davis to first get involved. 


Robert Davis was first introduced to Neonatal Care through a venture capital fund, where he had the opportunity to meet the CEO and Co-Founder personally. He was so impressed with the mission of Neonatal Rescue that he got involved almost immediately, as he understood the crucial need for more access to neonatal care. 


One of the biggest things that stuck out to Robert when learning about Neonatal Care is the essential assistance it provides to communities around the world. For example, he learned that almost a quarter of communities in developing countries could eliminate infant mortality through access to things like ventilators and proper training. He believes that Neonatal Care’s focus on providing crucial equipment and training is essential to improving neonatal care and continues to support its mission as a result. 


When speaking about his decision to get involved with Neonatal Care, Robert said, “I just knew it was the right thing to do. If a newborn’s life can be saved in underserved areas, we can help these individuals grow up to live fulfilling lives. My simple focus with Neonatal Rescue is to save lives, make a difference, and help make this world a better place.” 


Another thing that Robert Davis appreciates about working with Neonatal Care is the tangible results. Last year alone, they provided 150 ventilators to healthcare facilities in need, resulting in over 15,000 lives saved through the equipment. These types of efforts are some of Robert’s ongoing goals, and he is happy knowing that he is able to provide crucial care to communities in need.


To learn more about Neonatal Rescue, make sure to visit their website!